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The 2020 Jeep Compass vs Kia Sorento: Which SUV Is A Better Buy?

Compact and mid-size SUVs like the Jeep Compass and Kia Sorento have stormed our automotive market in recent years. As an affordable option that won’t sacrifice space or convenience, it’s easy to see why these vehicles have captured the hearts of many buyers. 

It is the perfect first car and the ideal ride for your next road trip, offering ample cargo space, comfortable interiors, and better safety. While enjoying the luxury of being up higher without the hefty price tag of a full-size SUV, you can also let out a sigh of relief when the time comes to fill up your tank.

With so many options available in the compact to mid-size range, how do you know which SUV to choose? The search is overwhelming, yes, but as they say, it’s better to have some options than none.  

The following will compare the price, performance, safety, and convenience of the highly sought after Jeep Compass and Kia Sorento. 


Starting at a base price of $22,280, the Jeep Compass offers 7 trim options at a range of prices. The 2020 release has available FWD and two-tone exterior paint for the Altitude, Limited, TrailHawkⓇ, and High Altitude trims. Overall, the Compass seems like a great value for its size, and the varied scope of trim options gives drivers the choice to stay on the lower or higher end of their purchase. 

You can buy a new Kia Sorento for $26,990, but any additional amenities will cost you a pretty penny. The higher end trims (S V6, EX, SX) range in price from $33,190-$40,090 and include premium safety technologies, panoramic sunroofs, and leather trim seats. These upgrades, although awesome, push the boundaries of price comfortability for many buyers looking for a smaller sized SUV.

The winner: I believe everyone is looking for a good bargain, and thankfully, the Jeep Compass offers just that. 


Declared by Jeep as the “Adventurous Compact SUV,” the Compass has a lot to live up to in terms of performance and off-road capabilities. Even though its exterior mirrors the ruggedness of a true Jeep, its 4-cylinder engine and 180 horsepower fall short of expectations – making this model a tough sell for adventure. 

The Kia Sorento offers both a standard 4-cylinder engine and V6 engine in upgraded trims. Ranging in horsepower from 185 to 290, it’s clear this SUV gives us the stamina we’re looking for while maintaining smooth agility on the road.  

The winner: Kia Sorento. Although the Jeep Compass offers four wheel drive and better handling, the Kia Sorento still outbeats this competitor in performance. 


The 2020 Jeep Compass was given 4 out of 5 stars for Overall Safety and a 4 star rating for Frontal Crashes. While it did receive 5 stars for its Side Crash Rating, it lags behind in safety compared to competitors in its class. We can confidently say the Jeep Compass delivers good but not the greatest safety for a compact SUV. 

The Kia Sorento was given 5 stars for Overall Safety, Frontal Crash Rating, and Side Crash Rating. With this level of safety, drivers can feel comfort in knowing this SUV will offer the best protection if an accident occurs. 

The winner: In my opinion, safety prevails over everything. In this case, the Kia Sorento wins yet again. 

Convenience & utility

The Jeep Compass comes equipped with a 5 passenger seating capacity. This compact SUV is smaller in size, but provides enough comfort for a short weekend getaway or around the town transportation. With a MPG-CITY of 22-23 and MPG-HWY of 30-32, the Jeep Compass rates a little below average for its fuel economy.

The Kia Sorento has a 7 passenger seating capacity with overall spacious head and legroom. With a MPG-CITY of 18-22 and MPG-HWY of 24-29, you’ll require less trips to the gas station (who doesn’t love that). 

The winner: With convenience in mind, the Kia Sorento takes the prize. Driving a Kia Sorento will not only help you save on fuel but its spacious interior will provide better comfort for passengers.

The winner revealed: 2020 Kia Sorento

As a Jeep owner, it’s hard to admit defeat. But we must all face the facts sometimes. The Jeep Compass fails to achieve its fullest potential in its class. When it comes down to performance, fuel efficiency, and space, the Kia Sorento takes the cake. Although the more economical price of the Jeep Compass may persuade some buyers, it is not enough to win against this competitor.

Jeep also came up short in our last SUV comparison. I guess it’s safe to say that Jeep isn’t cutting it against competitors. But hey, I still love them. 

Which SUV do you think is the better option? Tell us your thoughts below. 

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    1. This was a landslide. Four out of five categories, the Sorento comes out on top. Since most are probably looking for convenience, utility, and performance out of their SUV, it only makes sense that the winner in those categories would take the lead.

    2. I don’t really think Jeep when I think of comfortable SUVs. I guess Jeep in my head just has a niche but then again I’m a classic example of why marketing teams need to branch out and be more appealing to a larger crowd. I am not surprised that KIA won in safety.

    3. If I could I would spend the extra money and buy a Kia Sorento. Overall it sounds to be a better option in everything. I love how safety it is and also economical. It’s so hard to find a car and specially a Suv that you can safe money on gas. It’s making want to buy a Suv.

    4. I used to work for kia in the sales department. We had a lot of people that would compare the Kia Sorento to the Jeep Compass. Most of the time customers focused on the pricing of the 2 vehicles. The average buyer just sees what they want in a vehicle and nothing else. But we would get those rare diamonds that would be open to listening. Nine times out of ten they would see what they’re getting and that the price was well worth it. I feel like it would be a better comparison between the Sportage and the Compass, since both have 5 seats. I still think The Sportage would be the winner though.

    5. Kia has come a long way, they have a sports car now!

    6. I think the answer is clear, based on this article.

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