Used cars are likely to be in greater demand in 2021, so finding the best deals possible is important. You can find great deals on used cars by searching the best used car websites. This review discusses how you can secure a great price on a car that is in ideal condition. 

What are the best used car websites for 2021?

With a quick Google search for the best used car websites you can find dozens of choices, but how do you know which one will help you find the best deal? The following is a review of six of the best used car websites for 2021. Each is unique in its own way and offers great deals on used cars. Of course, you should also arrange to see the car in person and possibly test drive the vehicle before making a final decision, along with a detailed review of the vehicle’s history report (i.e. Carfax). 


Established in 1997, AutoTrader was one of the first-ever used car online websites. They have since gained a reputation as a trusted source of used car listings, and they are host to more than three million vehicle listings. AutoTrader also makes it very easy for prospective buyers, including an easy-to-use search feature that allows the user to filter out options based on what they are looking for. Some have made complaints about the screening process for AutoTrader, so it is important to dig deeper into any vehicle you are considering to ensure it is in good condition. 


CarGurus has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and they are well known for their ability to find prospective customers reliable used cars for cheap. What separates CarGurus apart from its competitors is the advanced algorithm that compares a car to similar cars. They also offer a “deal rating” that gives the user an idea of the value of the car they are considering. Their advanced pricing features gives prospective buyers the ability to negotiate prices the site suggests are unfair based on the market value.

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CarsDirect makes car buying simple. It connects dealers with the customer, making the car process easy for everyone. CarsDirect allows users to quickly compare multiple vehicles in a straightforward manner. They also allow you to apply for loans directly through their site as well, eliminating the need to spend countless hours at the dealer while finding financing. CarsDirect is perfect for car shoppers who want to find a quality used car in their local area without dealing with the car salesman pitching vehicles that are not of interest. 

Cars & Bids

Cars & Bids is perfect for the classic car enthusiast. They specialize in online car auctions, and many users have reported receiving the car of their dreams at an affordable price. Online car auctions are a great way to shop for a used car if you are on a budget, particularly when using a trusted and proven website such as Cars & Bids. The website provides a free vehicle history report with every auction, so you understand as much as possible about the car before you bid. 


AutoList is an app that is perfect for those who prefer to shop on their mobile device. AutoList compiles a list of cars from multiple car websites and shows them in an easy-to-review list, highlighting key information about each listed used car. Similar to the “deal rating” offered by CarGurus, AutoList has a “Listmate” that shows how fair a price is for a certain vehicle based on similar models. The website algorithm draws from more than a million used cars, and you can customize your search based on your car preferences. 


AutoTempest offers the largest online car marketplace, drawing from multiple listing sites such as AutoTrader and CarGurus. This helps buyers find great deals that they may miss out on by only shopping one used car listing site. However, AutoTempest does not screen the used cars that they display, so there is some risk involved with using the site. They also do not have a process for finding financing or starting the purchase process online. Nevertheless, those who want to compare options from multiple different sites in an organized manner should enjoy AutoTempest.


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How to find the best deal on a used car

The first step to finding a great deal on a used car is to search on one or more of the best used car websites, such as those mentioned in this review. This is often far more effective and less time-consuming than going to numerous used car dealers in the area, which limits your overall search. Once you have a shortlist of possible options, then contact the seller to arrange a test drive. Be sure to also view the Carfax history report to see how many previous drivers the vehicles have had and the accident history. 

If you notice any issues that were not previously reported in the listing (i.e. oxidized or damaged headlights), then you may be able to negotiate accordingly. This may include lowering the purchase price, improving the warranty coverage or having the seller fix certain issues with the car. Before making a final decision as to which is the best used car for you, be sure to discuss it with your family. Consider your specific needs, such as storage space, room for a baby seat, safety features, gas mileage, car performance and more. By doing so, you should be able to pinpoint the perfect used car for you when the opportunity presents itself. 

Final thoughts on the best used car websites

All too often finding a good used car at a fair price is a challenging process. However, using one of the best used car websites for 2021 is a great way to make the used car buying experience much easier. Although there are dozens of used car websites, the six that are discussed in this guide should help you find the right deal, regardless of your specific shopping goals and preferences.

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    1. CarGurus will be my new go-to. I can’t even remember what I have used in the past after experiencing how convenient CarGurus can be.

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    3. I’m a huge fan of CarGurus!

    4. CarGurus for me as well, they helped me get a great deal on our last car.

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