We’ve previously analyzed the most popular cars in each state. Now it’s time to talk about the most dependable cars. According to the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study — a study which measures the number of problems per 100 vehicles — new data confirms car dependability is on the rise, with current insights suggesting it is at an all-time high.

Dave Sargent, VP of global automotive at J.D. Powerstates, “Automakers are making increasingly dependable vehicles – but there are still some problem areas that need to be addressed and some warning signs on the horizon.”

The purpose of the Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) is to do just that. The data collected over a three year period is to help consumers make an informed decision when the time comes to purchase a new vehicle. Buyers today have more options available than ever before, making the decision-making process that much harder.

The research performed by J.D. Power serves to present the highest value in a competitive automotive market. It aims to alert manufacturers of any changes that damage or improve their respective brand’s dependability. As they say, there is always room for improvement.

Find out which make and model is the most dependable in 2021, including a highlight of the most reliable brands in both the luxury and mass market sectors.

Fusing speed with accountability for the most dependable cars

The Porsche 911 reigns as the most dependable model on the market. It is the second time in the past three years that this iconic model has been given the honorary title of most dependable. For many of us, it’s a dream car that has raced across the big screens for decades. Even Keanu Reeves can’t stop talking about his love for the Porsche brand, specifically the 911.

This ride has constantly brought the precision and the speed that motorheads are looking for. Now, it’s earning itself notoriety for being the most dependability overall, truly living up to its greatness. Since most 911 drivers experience little to no complications in their time of ownership, its recent spike in dependability is no surprise.

Each year the Porsche brand just keeps getting better. In 2018, Porsche introduced the 911 GT3, a high-performance machine with 500 horsepower and unparalleled handling capabilities. Porsche really takes the cake in all categories, delivering a model that some may even describe as the perfect car.

The most dependable cars rank highest among luxury and mass market brands

The 2021 VDS takes into account both mass market automotive rides and premium brands. Take a look at which two automakers made the biggest impact in dependability ranking.

Mass Market — Kia

The 2021 VDS found Kia to rank highest among all mass market brands. Vehicles that are most dependable include Kia Optima, Kia Sportage, and Kia Sorento. For consumers, the dependability behind Kia production makes it an attractive drive with the high safety ratings to match.

Luxury — Lexus

Backed by Toyota engineering, Lexus has made a name for itself, both for class and dependability. The Lexus ES and Lexus GX have been awarded most dependable in their respective classes this year. While the ES remains an entry-level sedan, its performance, amenities, and reliability make it an ideal choice for consumers. Those looking for a roomier interior and impressive off-road capabilities will savor the luxury of the Lexus GX.

Further insights from the 2021 study

J.D. Power has been performing this study for close to 32 years. As a result, it has offered value and recognition to various automotive brands throughout this time. While each year there are new findings, this year is extraordinary for the fact that all eight categories analyzed have improved. Other key discoveries include:

  • Trucks and SUVs fall short of sedan reliability.
  • Korean and Japanese automakers are leading in dependability.
  • Tesla received a ranking for the first time.

With the amount of vehicles on the market receiving 5-star Safety, the J.D. Power study is really meant to steer drivers in the right direction, with the statistical evidence to back it up. While this article aims to detail a few of the outstanding brand winners, to find out more about the J.D. Power’s highest dependability ratings, including a breakdown of every award, click here.

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    1. I was a little surprised to see Kia in the top there. It is a car brand that I had never really considered in the past. But, I recently saw the new Optima and loved it. Lexus does not surprise me.

    2. I’ll never stop touting my 2006 Honda Accord. Almost 200k miles, still runs smoothly.

    3. Surprised that Subaru. There are so many people endless talk about the brand and how safe and dependable it is.

    4. Porsche was not the first thought when thinking reliability, Learned something new today.

    5. I would love a 911 Turbo!

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