Top 5 Upcoming Luxury EVs After 2020

It’s 2021, what are you driving from here on out so you never, ever, have to remember or relive 2020 again? Electric vehicle stocks are bullish, and who knows? It could be like that from here on out now with more auto companies switching to EV motors for both sedans, crossovers, and SUVs. Drivers scouting new electric luxury cars  for 2021 have our top five models to review and here’s our lineup of favorites.

Why did we choose this particular list of electric EVs for 2021? We’ve researched many mid-level to high-end luxury brands for new electric car buyers and read endless reviews. If you’re ready to break apart from hitting the gas station once a week, these popular electric cars will give you a general idea of what to expect in these state-of-the-art electric SUVs and crossovers. 

Most of these models are first-time car arrivals or second editions of previously released EVs. We’ve also handpicked this list to accommodate car buyers searching for the best range capability in an EV.

1. 2022 Volkswagen Microbus (MSRP $40,000)

VW is cranking out some eye-catching EVs like the all-new 2021 Volkswagen by the code name ID.4. Why EV brands are moving toward the more computer code style names for cars must be a Silicon Valley fad Elon and his crew left behind in 2020, but this german influenced tiny bus design is clean cut with tapered rear and front fascias, this all-electric Volkswagen is giving affordability to drivers who are ready to make the full transition away from gas-powered automobiles. The LED light bar trim and lit VW accents add a futuristic appeal to the Microbus and this compact crossover is the ideal adventure car for small families. VW promotes the newest car-connectivity technology with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and built-in car navigation with soft-touch screen technology. Everything necessary for driving into the next year is provided at an affordable but with the capability of hitting the 300-mile range mark, expect to pay just a little more for a crossover van with long-distance capability.

 With an estimated MSRP nudging $35k for even the lower trim options, drivers will obtain a 250-mile driving range with this multiple engine vehicle. But if you want a step above a crossover SUV body style, the Microbus carries the utility of a minivan and the electric efficiency of a small crossover and it should be here soon in 2022.

2. Audi E Tron Sportback (MSRP $70,000)

Audi has plenty of new tech advancements to offer for its fleet of sexy sedans, sports cars, and crossovers. The E Tron series by Audi is breaking barriers in the EV world and the old days of crossovers have evolved into what Audi has donned the E Tron Sportback. With fierce exterior looks with its low center of gravity and 18-inch alloy sport wheels, this electric SUV defines luxury and power with a sedan-like, midsize SUV body style.

With the capability to haul trailers weighing up to 4,000-lbs and speedy acceleration times along with quick-charging, this may be one of the most advanced Audi models yet for family commuters. The E Tron Sportback has an estimated base MSRP of $70k which is on the pricier side but drivers receive all the newest tech and safety innovations with available features like 3D sound, remote start and access, MMMI touch response screens with handwriting recognition, front and rear cameras, and more.

3. Volvo XC40 Recharge (MSRP $53,990)

Luxury meets durability and performance with Volvo and the XC40 is a compact SUV that delivers comfort, safety, and massive capability for adventurous active families. The new XC40 Recharge is an electric-powered rendition that is already carrying a high reputation for an all-electric sport utility vehicle. This compact SUV brings plenty of pure power with 402-horsepower and 200 miles of range. It can also reach 0-60mph in under 4.7 seconds. With average Volvo XC40 trims ranging between $35 and $40k, the electrified, or recharged version of this electric compact SUV runs at a base MSRP of $54k.

Volvo equips its vehicles with first-class interior materials that prolong rugged use and reliability, even for the busiest  families. Kick back on long road trips with wood grain trimmed interiors and an automatic climate-controlled cabin that circulates fresh oxygen throughout the front and rear seats. Cargo space isn’t too shabby either. The XC40 holds a total of 47.2 cubic feet with the back seats folded, which isn’t phenomenal, but it will hold your golf gear or yarn kit.

4. BMW iNext (MSRP $100,000)

Polished and powerful performance with sleek luxuriant looks go far in car ownership. BMW has created some of the most appealing EV models in 2020 and after recreating their version of the traditional SUV that they’ve deemed, sports activity vehicle, the BMW iNext or iX for short is leaving other luxury crossover EVs in the dust. Larger than most electric SUVs, this BMW SAV brings a bold front fascia with traditional BMW LED headlights that are slender and slicey. 

Drivers will experience the heightened levels of performance through the dual electric motor and electric all-wheel drive allowing you to take on up to 300-miles of driving range and a maximum of 500-horsepower. 

You may look at the front end of this car and think of Rolls Royce, or Bentley with its grille shape and design, but the traditional kidney bean grill style somewhat remains; it’s just inverted and shortened to match the SAV body design. The blue streak accents on the exterior let others know that you’re battery powered and when it comes to interior comfort and technology, the iX gives drivers the best that BMW has to offer with roomy five-passenger luxury seating, and rapid 10% to 80% charging capability in under 40 minutes. The iX will also have 5G connectivity which means higher bandwidth for all your multimedia needs.

5. Rivian R1S (MSRP $72,500)

Rugged utility combined with electric engine performance and a boxy bold body gives the Rivian R1s an old-timey but futuristic look, especially with its LED light bar that stretches across the entire grille. For the new EV buyers that want the full-size sport utility vehicle for their family drive to school and work, the R1S holds massive passenger and cargo capacity. 

Engine capability for the Rivian R1S tops most in its class with the quad-motor powertrain, and a towing capacity rated for 7,700-lbs. Perfect for hauling the family camper or boat, there’s also plenty of room in the cargo compartment for packing in tents, camping gear, or oversized valuables you’re bringing home from the store. The R1S packs plenty of heat when it comes to speed to reach 0-60 in under 3 seconds. 

Electric cars for 2021 are just getting started

electric vehicles for 2021

We love to share our electric vehicle reviews and updates so explore other top EV picks to learn more about previous and other upcoming electric model releases for commuters and busy families. 

Patrick Kirk
I am a full-time copywriter from Naples, FL and living in Austin, TX. I have written for the automotive industry for three years, and enjoy other hobbies such as camping and mountain biking. I received my Bachelors from Florida Gulf Coast University, and served in the U.S Coast Guard.

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