Upgrading Your Cars’ High-Beam Bulbs

Are you searching for the best high-beam bulbs for your vehicle? If your car’s high-beams have lost clarity, burnt out, or you’re just looking to sharpen your vision with new LED, Halogen, or HID high-beam bulbs, we have a list of the most popular headlight bulbs on today’s market! Read forward to see how you can optimize your night time vision with new high-beam bulbs and learn about the outstanding variety that we love the most.

Which High-Beam Bulbs Are Best?

When it comes to choosing top-notch high-beam bulbs for your vehicle, our top recommendations provide optimal clarity and the stylish appeal many crave when driving at night time.  Here is our list of recommended high-beam bulbs that remain within the legal headlight brightness limits.

Perde Solar Series Platinum H4 Xenon-Enhanced Halogen Bulbs

The Perde Solar Series Platinum H4 offers longevity and a brightness intensity that tops most regular halogen high-beam bulbs while staying within the legal wattage limits. Featuring state-of-the-art Korean Engineering Assembly,  if you’re searching for that clean white look when clicking over to your high-beam lights, this set of bulbs are affordable and simple to install.

Sylvania- 9007 SilverStar Ultra-High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulbs

If you’re after bright white for your high-beams, this pair of SilverStar Ultra-High performance Halogen bulbs pack plenty of illumination with 65 watts. See down the road with the ultimate clarity and vision with these easy-to-install and affordable high-beam bulbs.

Philips H7 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Bright White Bulbs

Gain the cool blue effect without having to rehaul your wiring for HID lights. These Halogen bright white bulbs provide the illumination you’ve been searching for. DOT Compliant with a color temperature of 3500K, these halogen high-beam bulbs make great for your wallet and vehicle style.

VoRock8 R2 Lumens LED Headlight Conversion Kit

If you’re interested in LED high-beam bulbs at an affordable price, the VoRock9 LED bulbs are small and adaptable to most vehicle makes and models. With a combination of 8000 Lumens for the pair, the conversion kit makes halogen bulb replacement a simple process. For the driver searching for affordable aftermarket headlight bulbs, you will surely brighten your path with this set of LED bulbs for your truck, sedan, or crossover vehicle.

Sealight 9005/HB3 LED High-Beam Headlight bulbs Xenon White

Don’t mind spending a little extra on high-beam bulbs? The Sealight 9005 HB3 LED bulbs pump the Xenon White light at 12,000 Lumens per pair with the cool white color at 6000K. Essentially buyers are paying more for the built-in 12,000 rpm fan which maintains the temperature to ensure your bulbs are cool and ready to go beyond a 50,000-hour lifespan. If superior visibility is what you’re after at night, the Sealight LED high-beam bulbs provide the bright whiteness that complete your car’s style and all-around vision of what’s up ahead.

Diode Dynamics H8 SL1 LED Headlight Pair

Reliability and longevity is craved for every purchase that pushes your car’s performance and style. Spending a little extra on high-quality bulbs is never a bad idea, and the H8 SL1 LED headlight bulbs by Diode Dynamics enhances every bit of your nighttime commute. Carrying the torch as one of the most trusted names in automotive headlight parts, the SL1 offers a 5700k pure color white temperature and 20.2 watts plus 1630 lumens per bulb. Add these clean and sophisticated bulbs to your car’s front end and experience the way LED bulbs magnify your nighttime visibility tenfold.

What’s Too Bright for High-Beam Lights?

There is such a thing as too bright, and many modern-day headlights are becoming brighter than ever before. In some cases, expansive headlight brightness can temporarily blind other drivers or pedestrians resulting in a decrease in safety. Drivers should steer clear of any headlight bulbs that are above 6500k.

If you have a vehicle with halogen bulbs and want to upgrade to HID bulbs, there’s a slight chance your preferred bulbs may not fit or remain capable of holding sufficient power while under operation unless your vehicle’s headlamps were reconverted to support higher wattages. Some LED and HID bulbs come with reconversion kits which enable drivers to reconfigure their bulb wattage.

Replace New High-Beams Bulbs with Care

If you’re the type of DIY driver who loves to cater to your car’s needs on your own, be sure to choose the correct high-beam bulbs for your year, make, and model and research your vehicle’s owner’s manual to ensure you install the bulbs with the correct wattage. Having the right tools for the job is also essential, so be sure to gather the necessary tools as well as gloves so you do not expose the bulbs to the oils or dirt on your skin.

Headlight bulbs are designed delicately and should be handled with precision and care. From the moment you remove them from the package, to the moment you fit and place the pair inside the headlight casing, every step should be handled with care and attention to detail to ensure proper placement and connectivity. It’s also important to test your new bulbs before hitting the streets to ensure full operability and brightness.

One last tip…always remember to turn your high-beams off within 500 feet of an oncoming car! It’s the safe and courteous thing to do when traveling on highways or two-lane roads.

Patrick Kirk
I am a full-time copywriter from Naples, FL and living in Austin, TX. I have written for the automotive industry for three years, and enjoy other hobbies such as camping and mountain biking. I received my Bachelors from Florida Gulf Coast University, and served in the U.S Coast Guard.

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    1. This is important information to know.

    2. As lighting technology advances there will always be the next best thing out there for brighter whiter lights. But it is important to know that not every option may be the best or most compatible option for your vehicle. It will always be important to research the best options for you particular headlights.

    3. The diode dynamic bulbs are a superior upgrade, and they actually produce more light than other cheaply made led conversions I have tried. They don’t just look brighter, they actually produce more light at a farther distance too. I have not tried a diode dynamics product that I was not impressed with.

    4. Make sure your lights are adjusted properly so they are not shining in my eyes, thanks!

    5. If you’re low on cash, upgrade your low beam bulbs first. PERDE Solar Series Platinum is always a great choice!

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