Company acquisitions just make one corner of an industry more powerful. It seems obvious, right? Even with all those rules against monopolistic behaviors, the market continues to foster empires. One of the latest merges is the newest version of Stellantis, an automaker that has recently become the fourth-largest in the world. 

Who is Stellantis?

Stellantis is the newly formed parent company of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Peugeot-Citroen owner Groupe PSA. The FCA-PSA merger has been in talks for years, but recent developments have made the parent company an official entity.

While Stellantis was officially announced in October 2019, the brand name didn’t become public knowledge until July 2020 (and the logo came even later in November of the same year). In January 2021, shareholders for the two corporations approved the merger and all that goes along with it.

For a rundown, here are the 14 vehicle brands that will operate under the Stellantis umbrella:

  1. Abarth
  2. Alfa Romeo
  3. Chrysler
  4. Citroen
  5. Dodge
  6. DS Automobiles
  7. Fiat
  8. Jeep
  9. Lancia
  10. Maserati
  11. Opel
  12. Peugeot
  13. Ram
  14. Vauxhall

Carlos Tavares, formerly of PSA, will serve as the company’s CEO. Reportedly, Stellantis will keep a keen eye on electrification, hoping to jumpstart the new wave intercontinentally. 

The Stellantis deal was worth billions

All in all, the Stellantis merger deal with FCA and PSA went through for a whopping $52 billion. The corporation expects to put out eight billion vehicles annually. This would invoke a yearly revenue of more than $200 billion. At this rate, they’ll position themselves in fourth place when it comes to the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world. Stellantis still trails behind Toyota, Volkswagen Group and Renault-Nissan in terms of production.

Will any car brands dissolve under Stellantis?

Currently, Stellantis spokespeople say they don’t plan on eliminating any brands under the sweeping umbrella. However, things can change quickly in the auto industry, so I wouldn’t take that as scripture. This is especially true as the COVID-19 pandemic continues (despite the early days of vaccination).

My thoughts on the merger

From my perspective, the interesting thing about the Stellantis merger is not just the eruption of a new and powerful entity. Rather, it’s the combination of two forces who operate across the pond from one another. If this merger means us Americans will have greater access to European vehicle innovation, I am not complaining. With Europe’s regulations far ahead of the US in terms of headlight technology and environmental stringency (among other factors), we may just see speedier updates on our roadways yet.

Stellantis stock has already made its market debut on three different exchanges: the New York Stock Exchange, Paris’ Euronext and Milan’s Mercato Telematico Azionario. This will help to include retail investors across geographic markets.

Stellantis  merged from the FCA and PSA existing tickers and saw as much as a 12% surge in just a day. Investor interest has gone back to typical levels since then, however.

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    1. new things to come .. a squeeze of brands will happen eventually it will be only a few.

    2. I am glad this merger won’t kill off any of the models. I love the 300 so!😭

    3. I realize the article was about this big merge. However, I was more intrigued with this new grille technology in the Grand Wagoneer.

    4. This is interesting I wonder how much of a noticeable change will happen in the future with these brands.

    5. Hopefully, the quality of FCA vehicles will see an improvement in quality. Years ago, the Ford Powerstroke became tarnished because of poor quality control. Similarly, the Cummins Diesel in Ram trucks has had many quality control issues as of late.

    6. this is very interesting, but I am not sure if I read this wrong or it’s a mistake, (The corporation expects to put out eight billion vehicles annually.) I am pretty sure there are only about 8 billion people in the whole world so that means every person would have to buy just over one car per year just from them.

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