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What You Need to Know About Teen Driving Modes

Teen driver technology, or teen driving mode, is a new technology designed to keep teen drivers safe. Parents may utilize it on the family vehicle when the teen son or daughter has the keys. They may choose to use it when they buy their teen a new vehicle. The question many buyers have is on what it is and how it works.

Basic Safety

Some features on cars are designed to promote safety for everyone, regardless of age. Seatbelt reminders are one such system, which uses chimes or other sounds to remind the driver that they must buckle up. With Ford MyKey, the reminder even mutes the audio to ensure you can hear the chime. Certain systems, like the one from Chevrolet, won’t allow the radio to play until everyone is buckled in.

Another safety feature is automatic volume adjustment for the stereo to help with distracted driving. This feature reduces the volume based on speed, which means the sound is lower when driving in town where you need to be more focused.

Your teen won’t forget to fill the gas tank nor be left stranded with the low fuel warning. The alert provides a reminder to fill up within the next few miles – or at least to get home to where the parents can refuel before you’re calling for help.

Adjusted settings for teen driving modes

Other features can be adapted for when a teen is in the driver’s seat. For instance, some manufacturers have developed maximum speed settings, which won’t allow the teen driver to go more than the set speed.

You can also set some teen driving modes to Do Not Disturb, which means they won’t be getting phone calls or messages on the display as they drive. This system only works if the phone is connected to the vehicle.

Some systems will warn the teen if they are driving outside the parameters allowed. For instance, you may allow your teen to drive to school or the store but not want them to go outside of the city limits or downtown. If you set the limits on the system, it will remind them if they travel to these areas. Some will even go so far as to send an email or phone call if the teen is driving in a restricted area as with Blue Link from Hyundai. This system also sends a curfew alert if your teen is driving beyond their allowed time.

Driver reports are available with some systems, which lets you know how your teen is driving. It keeps parents informed and involved even when they turn over the wheel to their teen driver. They can see how their teen improves over time and shows areas where you may need to provide more guidance.

Outside Apps

While this technology for teens may sound amazing, you might not be ready to invest in a new ride yet. Fortunately, some third-party apps provide similar safety features to monitor your teen without buying a new vehicle.

TruMotion Family is one example, which allows you to set a speed and even a curfew for teens who are driving on their own. You can essentially design perimeters for where your teen can drive.  The app will then notify you if they break any of the rules.

License+ is another app, but it works with a gadget that can be plugged into the vehicle. It monitors speed, acceleration, and braking to help you have a better idea of how they are driving.

Enjoy greater peace of mind when your teen drives by utilizing the latest safe teen driving modes. 


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