10 Cool Attributes You Didn’t Know the Renault Twizy Had

The Renault Twizy was brought on the market in 2012 when the design team at Renault saw a gap in the market for an urban vehicle that was accessible and easy to use in a congested space. The name “Twizy” was born from the word “twin” due to its two seats and “easy” for how easy it is to drive. The quadricycle, a hybrid of a car and motorcycle, still remains unique twelve years after it went into production. So, what makes this one-of-a-kind invention so interesting? 

The Twizy Is Not Actually A Car

Most people describe a vehicle as something with four doors and four wheels powered by an engine that can carry passengers to or from a particular place. While the Renault Twizy does cover some of these features, it is not classed as a car. When placed side-by-side with Renault’s smaller cars like the Clio, it is tiny and resembles a golf cart or sand buggy-type vehicle. Officially, it is a quadricycle with two passenger seats and an electric engine, making it eco-friendly as well as easy to handle. Unfortunately, it is not road legal in the US, so it has been made for the European and Asian markets. 

It Comes in Different Trims

Like many other vehicles, the Renault Twizy has multiple exterior trims. The trims come in “the Expression” and “the Dynamique.” The Expression is the Twizy base model, while the Dynamique contains additional features such as alloy wheels and two-toned exterior paint in a range of modern colors. 

It is Much More Affordable than Traditional Vehicles

While the Renault Twizy is considerably smaller than any other vehicle on the road, including the SMART car, its price tag is also relatively small. For people who live in cities or congested areas, the Twizy would be the perfect alternative to a vehicle and has a starting price of 11,000 euros for the 45 model or a starting price of 12,000 euros for the 80 version. Both of which are considerably cheaper than any automobile. 

It has a 3-Year Warranty

Along with being easy on your wallet, the Twizy also comes with several warranties. This package includes a three-year or 30,000-mile powertrain warranty and a five-year or 100,000-mile warranty for the vehicle. It also comes with a two-year exterior paintwork warranty and a six-year anti-corrosion warranty from the date of registration.

Windows and Doors are Optional

In a surprising turn of events, the Renault Twizy comes with an open cabin as standard, and the windows and doors can be added on if you need or want them. In the standard model, the quadricycle is entirely open, so there are no windows or doors to protect you from different types of weather or, more importantly, if you were in an accident. If you add doors and windows, you will receive vertically opening doors, similar to the Lamborghini’s design, with windows mounted on top of the doors.

While the Twizy is all about convenience, the designers did not use that thinking for the doors and windows, as you will not be able to have windows without doors. Also, if you add doors, these will not lock, and you must open them using the inside handle. It is an unusual addition to an unusual vehicle.  

Other optional extras include front mudflaps, steering wheel lock, rear parking sensors, and driver and passenger blankets. 

The Renault Twizy is Basic Inside

Unlike its head-turning exterior, the interior of the quadricycle is modern and minimalist. It contains the essential features needed to drive and operate a vehicle, including turn signals, window wipers, and a display screen for the Twizy’s speed, charge level, and estimated driving range left. There is no radio or entertainment available at the moment. 

The Renault Twizy contains 17 Horsepower

The Twizy is an electric vehicle with a 6.1 kW lithium-ion battery and a 13.0 kW electric motor that works together so that the vehicle can travel from a to b. The quadricycle itself comes in two different versions: the 45 and 80. These numbers signify the top speed (km) the version can reach. 

The 45 version has up to 5 horsepower and 24.3 pound-feet of torque and can drive up to 120 km before needing a charge. Meanwhile, the 80 can produce up to 17 horsepower and 42 pound-feet of torque and has a smaller driving range of 100 km. Overall, it can take up to three hours and thirty minutes to fully charge the Twizy before going on a long drive. 

While the Renault Twizy is unique in its own way, capturing a section of the automotive market left vacant by other brands, Renault decided to close the curtains on this model in September 2023 to make way for a new version, the Mobilize Duo. Watch this space as the Mobilize Duo sets up to be as exciting as its predecessor.

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