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Is It Worth Having a Car Detailed?

Are you contemplating getting your car detailed? Not sure whether spending $200 or more is worth the investment? Let’s just say, you’re not the only driver in this predicament.

Car detailing has become a niche business within the automotive industry, and in some aspects, it’s one of the easiest ways to preserve the value of your vehicle. While it has long been debated how much detailing your car really needs, one thing we know for sure is that getting your car detailed is beneficial.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the advantages of a complete and partial car detailing job. Additionally, we’ll break down the differences between taking your car to a professional detailer as compared with doing the job on your own.

car detailedWhat are the advantages of having your car detailed by a professional?

When it comes to the unknowns in life, you often hear the adage “trust the professionals”. And most times, this notion proves to be true. Whether it’s a patient seeking help from a doctor or a car in need of a repair from a mechanic. If you’re looking for guidance, you’ll likely find the help you need from someone with an experienced background.

With a wide variety of experts in the automotive industry nowadays, you can get the answers you need without putting out much effort. From trusted YouTube accounts to experts with long-lasting business success, it’s never a bad idea to put your faith in those who have years of experience under their belt. Unless, of course, those professionals are taking advantage of you.

Unfortunately, professional car detailing is one of those things that could go either way. The experience could be a hit or miss, depending on who you entrust with your vehicle. If you seek a professional detailer’s help, you should always expect the following:

  • Washing, buffing, and waxing exteriors
  • Vacuuming, steaming, and deodorizing interiors
  • Professional-grade tire cleaning
  • Elimination of dings and scratches

At minimum, a detailer should provide a deep clean of your car from top-to-bottom. Although that comes at a price, a good detailing job will leave your vehicle feeling fresh and new. Therefore, in most cases its worth the investment if you find the right person for the job. Since a professional detail could cost anywhere between $160-450, you want to do some research beforehand.

Imagine paying that and not getting the results you wanted!

Is it cheaper to detail your car on your own?

For the most part, it is always cheaper to DIY detail versus having the professionals do it. And sometimes, the results are even better! Not every detailer will give your car as much attention and care as you would. So, don’t be too surprised if an expensive detailing job turns out to be less than stellar. Even the professionals slip up or cut corners from time to time.

Though DIY detailing entails less money, it’s important to know there are still upfront costs involved. To get the look of a professional detailing, you must invest in all the right cleaning products. Something as simple as using the correct type of soap or drying towel can make all the difference in the final product.

How do I detail my car like a pro?

If you’re interested in the more affordable, do-it-yourself approach, then we recommend buying the following items to get started:

  • Microfiber towel
  • Headlight and tail light cleaner
  • Car wash hand mit
  • Durable brushes
  • Portable vacuum
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Extra cloths and sponges
  • Foaming fabric cleaner or leather cleaner
  • Tire cleaner
  • Armor All

Needless to say, this is just the start. There are so many top-rated car detailing products available on Amazon that will make your DIY detailing process both efficient and quality-grade.

car detailedReady to get your car detailed?

Clearly, we could make a case for either option. While car detailing at home allows for a certain level of detail and care, the right professional will be able to make your car look and smell brand new. The decision often boils down to your expectation. Though some automotive experts suggest fully detailing your car every 4-6 months, most car owners can’t afford nor have time for this level of care.

Which is why, partial detailing at home could be a great middle ground for keeping your vehicle in prime condition for years to come.

In our opinion, don’t spend an exorbitant amount on car detailing unless you’re possibly trying to sell your vehicle. A lot of sellers choose to detail around this time because it helps improve the appearance and overall feel of your car before potential buyers get a look. If you use your car regularly, it’s unlikely an expensive interior detailing will last very long. After all, wear-and-tear is inevitable.

So with consideration of time and money, we suggest trying the DIY way first. With a little elbow grease and an hour of your time, you’d be surprised how easy it is to get your vehicle looking in tip top shape. If results aren’t satisfactory, then turn to a professional to get the job done. But remember to read customer reviews before committing to a specific company or price.

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