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There are auto enthusiasts who love everything about cars. From engineering to performance to even electric conversion. I mean, what’s not to enjoy? But then there are the ones that live and breathe for supercars. They crave performance and luxury and dream of knowing what it’s like to drive some of the most impressive models on the market. They want to dabble with the high-end features that go above and beyond your average car tech. These car enthusiasts know driving luxury is an experience like no other. Of course, not every car aficionado has the opportunity to get inside a McLaren Senna or Ferrari 488 Pista. But luckily, YouTube Channel, Carfection, gives those auto enthusiasts a firsthand glimpse at luxury car performance with some amazing videography mixed in.

In this post, we’ll showcase the Carfection YouTube Channel, hosted by automotive freelance writer and presenter, Henry Catchpoole. The next time you feel like oohing and awing over luxury vehicles, we know this will be your go-to source for viewing.

What is Carfection?

Reaching over 1 million subscribers, Carfection has gathered a loyal following of car enthusiasts over the years. It’s a channel that offers everything from in-depth first looks, reviews, group tests, and creative storylines on the evolving history of select makes and models. Partially in credit to Catchpoole’s enigmatic approach to presentation, Carfection serves as a great source for drivers who want to learn more about the inner-workings of a luxury model outside of the garage. In other words, it’s not just a stream of videos that are shot from a repair shot. It’s a complete cinematic experience.

Each video is crafted professionally, as though you’re watching a full-scale movie on the big screen. Which in our opinion, is pretty amazing if you’re looking for a passion or new-found enthusiasm over supercars. Not to mention, this UK-based channel unashamedly breaking down what its really like to drive these dreamy supercars. Here’s an example of one of Carfection’s best videos featuring the Bugatti Chiron:

Car-based channel doling out top-notch reviews

Perhaps what we love most about Carfection is its thorough look at luxury models. These days, there are so many SUV, sedan, and compact vehicles available that it becomes overwhelming for buyers to pinpoint which is really best. Although that’s usually an objective opinion, Carfection does an excellent job of highlighting the amazing, good, and not-so-good features of luxury performance models.

Oftentimes, Catchpoole takes viewers on a journey when giving an in-depth road review on certain models as well. For example, when the Audi RS6 got introduced to the U.S. market, he took the performance wagon on a cross-country road trip to show viewers the capabilities and features directly. Though you’re watching through a screen, the videography makes you feel that you’re right on the trip with him.

It’s safe to say these videos are beyond your basic car review. What makes Carfection an outstanding channel is the automotive journalism. Not to mention, the unmatched cinematography and editing to give viewers the ultimate experience.

Interested in watching more? Head over to Carfection today!

We hope you enjoyed our feature on Carfection! Though we love talking up this automotive channel, there is no better place to watch the mastery of Catchpoole and his team than on the YouTube itself. You can also follow them on Twitter (@Carfection), Facebook (http:/, and Instagram (@Carfectionfilms) for more impressive footage.

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