Are you about to embark on your next road trip and have already listened to the overplayed radio hits and your Spotify playlists? Most road trips can become dull and boring, especially if you’re stuck in the car for more than a few hours at a time. With the podcast revolution on the rise, more travelers are tapping into their favorite voices while taking extended cross-country road trips and nothing beats a great discussion or debate that keeps the mind sharp with new knowledge and worldly updates. Here are the top 10 podcasts for road trips.

If you’re taking off on a long-distance road trip, strap in and find a fantastic list of popular podcasts that will keep you awake on those extended night time drives. If you’re new to the world of podcasts, you can easily download them on your phone through iTunes and Spotify.

1.) How I Built This

Hosted by Guy Raz, the How I Built This podcast digs into personal stories from well-known entrepreneurs who have built amazing companies. For the business-minded creative who is looking to learn the process of building a successful company in their own town, or online, this podcast is an excellent source of information directly from the business owner.

Learn about the struggles, trials, and tribulations of the entrepreneur world as Raz discusses the business journey with company owners of Airbnb, Yelp, Lush Cosmetics, Health-Ade Kombucha, and more!

2.) Stuff You Should Know

The Stuff You Should Know podcast series provides a variety of topics based on pop culture and history. Hosted by Josh Clark and Charles Bryant, the two discuss everything from scientific research, books, music, and movies. An all-around podcast that brings entertainment with a comedic twist to your travels, listeners can learn more about the less spoken about topics in American pop culture.

3.) Up & Vanished

If you know you’re going to be driving long hours and need a juicy story to keep you awake for the ride, the Up & Vanished podcast is an investigative true-crime series that dives into historical and recent missing peoples cases. Hosted by documentary filmmaker, Payne Lindsey, this investigative podcast digs into unsolved kidnappings and people who have mysteriously disappeared within American borders. 

4.) The Dave Ramsey Show

Interested in learning how to optimize your earnings and savings? For the drivers who want to get out of debt, and stay out of debt, the Dave Ramsey Show podcast provides amazing amounts of financial tips and guidance that assists the everyday person in obtaining wealth and controlling their savings. The great thing about Dave Ramsey’s podcast is not only a positive message on how to climb out of debt but the many call-ins of normal people struggling to get out of their dire financial situations. A relatable podcast for all, and you can take on your drive while learning about cash saving tips and how to avoid going bankrupt.

5.) The Joe Rogan Experience

Who would have thought the Fear Factor host from the early 2000s would become one of the top podcasters on the planet? Comedian and Mixed Martial Arts commentator, Joe Rogan, has climbed to the top of the podcast charts with his one-on-one open discussion platform where he interviews everybody from musicians, political figures, actors, comedians, athletes, entrepreneurs, authors, historians, doctors, and philosophers. No matter what you’re into, you can discover thought intriguing 2 to 3-hour discussions on modern-day topics and pieces of history less talked about.

6.) The Moth

Searching for a global community that promotes important voices from near and far? The Moth podcast is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and it hosts a number of voices from diverse backgrounds. Learn about the many projects and initiatives happening across the globe and right here in the U.S. Hear personal stories from military veterans, individuals seeking social justice, promoters of healthy lifestyles, and promoters of youth education and inclusivity. Tune in to the live stream events hosted by the podcast and get your storytelling fix while on the road.

7.) Beginners Garden

Love gardening or craving knowledge on how to keep your favorite indoor plants or vegetable garden alive? Beginners Garden is hosted by master gardener Jill McSheehy and discussions stretch from basic and expert gardening information. Learn how to grow and maintain plants from seed to harvest, and gain tips for home gardening, greenhouse gardening, and container gardening. 

Whether you live in the city and have a 5×10 foot porch, or have a small property and are looking to join your local farmers market with your own produce, this podcast has the scoop on all the tricks to make your edible garden or indoor plant space appealing and functional!

8.) This American Life

The weekly public radio show by NPR, This American Life podcast features everything from short fiction, field recordings, essays, memoirs, and personal true stories from pop icons to everyday people. Hosted by NPR veteran, Ira Glass, listeners making a long drive will hear intelligent voices speak on politics, relationships, environmental issues, and psychology matters. 

If you’re searching for a journalism podcast that promotes interesting topics as well as compelling stories, this award-winning podcast will hook you in for hours on end keeping you awake and responsive throughout your travels.

9.) Car Cast

Are you a car lover? Do you love to learn about everything from historical automobiles to upcoming car releases? Hosted by automotive enthusiasts Adam Corolla, Matt D’Andria, and Bull Goldberg, this podcast dives into the history and future of automotives. Listeners will also gain knowledge on aftermarket headlights and other car parts that keep your ride looking stylish and fresh.

10.) Planet Money

Never learned about economics in high school or college? The Planet Money podcast by NPR discusses a multitude of happenings in today’s economy and from the last few decades. Hosted by a handful of economists such as Mary Childs, Amanda Aronczyk, Karen Duffin, and Jacob Goldstein; there are 1,000+ episodes that go over controversial topics on big names who have evaded taxes, how natural disasters and the stock market alter the U.S economy, and more. 

Popular Road Trip Podcasts

The number of podcast channels are endless and our top ten selection covers a variety of interests and beneficial knowledge. Why not learn a little bit on your next road trip? Keep these popular road trip podcasts in mind on your next adventure and review our hand-picked selection of top driving destinations for 2020 if you’re in search of a new vacation destination.

Patrick Kirk
I am a full-time copywriter from Naples, FL and living in Austin, TX. I have written for the automotive industry for three years, and enjoy other hobbies such as camping and mountain biking. I received my Bachelors from Florida Gulf Coast University, and served in the U.S Coast Guard.

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    1. My podcast suggestion would be “How did this get made.”

    2. the old joe rogan episodes were good

    3. I don’t agree with all of what Dave Ramsey says, but that is probably the only podcast I have ever listened to. Up & Vanished sounds quite entertaining for a road trip.

    4. I love this idea for a road trip but I also suggested for when you are home looking for something to do. There are videos on youtube on also each podcast. They are as interested as when you hear them on the radio. I LOVE Dave Ramsey show because he honestly is such a positive person. He also keeps it real on any situation. I have yet need to learn some steps that he teaches but it has put in my mind to also thing of the future.

    5. The Joe Rogan Experience is an excellent podcast. I do find it interesting that JRE complained about Spotify censoring some of his episodes by deleting them if they found them too controversial. In other words, don’t listen to JRE using Spotify, because you will not get the full experience.

    6. I love listening to podcasts all the time. My preferred podcasts have lately been misfits and critical roles.

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