The future’s looking bright thanks to Audi’s most recent headlight innovation. Introducing: the digital Matrix LED headlight technology to the new Audi e-tron Sportback. Although we first caught a glimpse of this lighting technology at the 2019 Los Angeles Car Show, it’s safe to say the wait was worth it. 

With the release of the e-tron Sportback happening this month, consumers are now getting behind the wheel for the first time and experiencing the magic that is digital Matrix LED lighting. 

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what features comprise the digital Matrix LED headlights including what this means for the future of headlight design.

The official release of Digital Matrix LED headlights

Before I even begin to explain the robotics behind this extraordinary design, it must be understood that these are not your typical LED headlights. I won’t play coy to the fact that these headlights are super cool, and truly get me excited for the future of auto sales

Stephan Berlitz, the face behind Audi’s light innovations, has delivered the Matrix LED headlights at a time when car capabilities are exceeding customer expectations. He states

“This is opening up a whole new world because the car can now use its lighting to communicate with its environment in a nuanced way.” 

With his current innovation and future projections, Berlitz aims to build a dynamic future where lighting does more than just illuminate the road. Essentially, it will serve as a device to caution other drivers if an accident is approaching or unfavorable road conditions are ahead. 

Can you imagine light projected symbols on the road? The best way to describe the current digital Matrix LED headlights is to compare it to a video projector. After seeing the technology and capabilities of these headlights, you’ll understand why Audi is clearly responsible for taking automotive light technology to a new level. This is just the beginning. 

To get a visual understanding, check out the video below:

Key Features: 

  • An integrated 50-meter “light carpet” that maintains light illumination within the driver’s lane and respective path of movement. 
  • Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) technology that can modify light movement up to 5,000 times per second.
  • Light arrows to keep the e-tron centered while driving.

Not even a decade ago it would be hard to imagine the type of headlights found on the e-tron Sportback having this capability. Now we live in a time where adaptive headlights are becoming the norm and hidden headlights are trending their way into the mold of manufacturing. Innovators like Berlitz and his team of light developers are preparing us for an automotive future filled with self-driving cars. Cars that are more like robots instead of gas-powered machinery. 

Until then, these state-of-the art headlights are showing us just how important lighting technology can be to the development of the automotive future. And already, consumers are responding positively to its official release. 

U.S. setbacks

The 2021 e-tron Sportback comes equipped with five available graphic variations. Due to strict regulations, the complete set of animation features are not available for e-tron drivers in the US. Don’t be too disappointed, as Audi is continuing to work on regulation changes and ramifications to hopefully integrate the full Matrix LED headlight experience here in the U.S. If not achieved in this model, I’m sure Berlitz and his team will amp up the lighting technology in all future Audi models. 

Overview of the e-tron Sportback’s lighting tech

After getting one glimpse at Audi’s new lighting technology, it would be hard for car buyers to deny the appeal of the striking e-tron Sportback. It’s electric, it’s sporty, and it offers drivers a unique experience — both groundbreaking lighting technology and performance to rave about. I wouldn’t be surprised if most car buyers put the e-tron Sportback high on their list of must tries during their car buying experience.

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    1. beautiful !

    2. I found the video very informative. I watched it on mute, so not sure if I missed further explanations. But I am interested in how the lights may effect oncoming traffic or other drivers. I hate that other’s bright lights seem to impair me when on the road.

    3. This is Awesome! For people that live in more mountainous areas would really love this. I personally just love everything about this.

    4. What is this! are we going to be able to watch movies through our headlights projected on the road before us!

    5. Reading this just became the best part of my day. This is what was built for. Very cool!!

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