Ferrari Car Facts

Interesting Ferrari Car Facts You Might Not Know

Ferrari is one of the most well-known automotive brands. They are synonymous with record-breaking, world-class engineering, with several cars that have changed the course of history under their belts. While every car enthusiast understands and appreciates Ferrari and the vehicles they produce, there are many snippets of information you may not be aware of. Here are the most interesting Ferrari car facts that are lesser known. 

Ferrari was Fiat-Owned

This Ferrari car fact is sure to surprise you. In 1969, Fiat acquired a large number of Ferrari company shares, but in 2016, they decided to release control over the company and sold 50% of their shares. In 1988, Fiat sold off even more shares, which gave Ferrari the opportunity to become an Initial Public Offering (IPO).  

The Launch of Ferrari’s First Car Was Postponed

Ferrari was founded in 1939 by Enzo Ferrari. Not long after, in 1940, they produced two vehicles that were not official Ferraris but named “815 Auto Avio Costruzioni” cars. The full launch of the brand was delayed by World War Two.  Over the next few years, Enzo moved his factory to Maranello in Italy, but the Allies unfortunately bombed it during air strikes late on in the war. Soon after, the company restored its factory and officially released its first Ferrari in 1947, the Ferrari 125 Sport. 

The First Ferrari was not Mass-Produced

As previously stated, the Ferrari 125 Sport was the original model, but it did not have high production numbers. Instead, only two were presented at the Piacenza Racing circuit track. It had issues with the fuel pump in the early stages, but that problem was quickly rectified. In 1951, it won the Grand Prix in Rome, it would go on to be successful in another five championships.

The Iconic Ferrari Red Was Not A Choice

When you picture a modern-day Ferrari, you automatically picture a red sports car. The iconic Ferrari red is a shade that is renowned throughout the brand. However, not many people know this color was not chosen by the famous automotive company as a marketing ploy but was chosen due to racing rules. The red exterior color was picked to align with the International Automobile Federation’s regulations, which stipulate all cars that want to take part in the Grand Prix in Italy have to have a red exterior. The red colour piqued Ferrari enthusiast’s attention, so the company kept producing their cars in that color. 

The Story Behind Their Logo

Along with its iconic red color, the Ferrari’s logo is another widely known symbol. But do you know how the prancing horse came to symbolize this Italian brand? It comes from when Enzo Ferrari met Francesco Baracca’s father. He was a fighter pilot in World War One and added a horse on the side of his jet in black paint for good luck. To honor Enzo’s hometown of Modena, a shield with a yellow background was also added. The logo was first added to a Ferrari 125S. It is a meaningful symbol and is still used on every Ferrari today. 

The Branding on the Ferrari F40

On the Italian company’s 40th anniversary, the Ferrari F40 was released, and with it, some unique branding. Everything on the car was customized for this special anniversary, and even the production number was kept on an exclusive 400 vehicles. It was the fastest and most expensive Ferrari ever built and had capabilities of hitting 200 mph. It could also complete 0-60 mph in under 5 seconds and was driven on the Piacenza Racing circuit. 

How Many Races Has Ferrari Won?

Over the 80 years that Ferrari has been in production, it has won over 5,000 racing trophies, 15 F1 Drivers’ World, 14 Sports Car Manufacturers World, 9 Le Mans, 8 Mile Miglia, and over 200 F1 Grand Prix wins. 

To help receive these accolades, Ferrari owns its own racing track, Fiorano Circuit. It is regularly used in the development and testing of new Ferrari vehicles and was created in 1972 in a small Italian village called Fiorano Modenese, expanding 2 miles in length. It has specific sections that mimic several different racetracks around the world, so Ferrari’s F1 models can replicate certain conditions. 

The Ferrari-Based Theme Park

Another interesting Ferrari car fact is that it has its own theme park. It is the largest indoor theme park in the world, which was created in 2010 and is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It has several Ferrari-themed rides, including an F1 rollercoaster that can reach speeds of 150 mph and another F1- Formula Rossa roller coaster. Along with incredibly fast roller coasters, it is also home to the world’s steepest roller coaster. There are many opportunities for both adults and children to enjoy the unique Ferrari feeling.

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